Stendra Dosage, Side Effects and Drug Interactions


Does Stendra really work? Outcomes differ from one man to another, however, 75% of guys that take this ED medicine have actually efficiently gotten rid of a failure to get as well as keep an erection after being stimulated by their partner. With Stendra, you can take pleasure in a healthy sex life without fear of impotence.

If you have a difficult time getting as well as keeping an erection, you’re not the only one. Numerous research studies currently paint a sobering photo of just how usual this occurrence remains in men of every age teams. The good news is that there are a number of methods to get help in a very discreet way. Generic Stendra, for instance, is one choice for treating impotence (ED). To aid you make a notified purchase, we have actually compiled a couple of facts concerning the medication.


  • What Is Impotence?
  • Exactly How Usual Is ED?
  • What Is Stendra Medication?
  • Just How Stendra Functions?
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  • Just How To Utilize Stendra
  • Stendra Side Impacts
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  • Where to Get Stendra Pills Over the Counter?

What Is Impotence?

Impotence is specified as an inability to get or keep an erection in spite of being sexually promoted. There are lots of factors for ED, consisting of physical and mental stressors like depression as well as anxiousness. In lots of instances of ED, however, the source of ED is low blood flow to the penis.

Just How Common Is ED?

It has actually been widely reported that ED is much more common after the age of 40. New scientific research currently reveals that 1 in 4 guys diagnosed with ED is under 40 years of ages. This boost in ED medical diagnoses can be credited to even more males coming forward and raised stress and anxieties in modern life.

What Is Stendra Medication?

Stendra, otherwise referred to as Avanafil, is a phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) prevention utilized predominantly for dealing with male sexual problems, including ED and impotence. PDE5 fixes this trouble by improving the circulation of blood to the location. Completion result is getting and preserving an erection.

Exactly How Stendra Works?

Stendra works similarly to the way various other PDE5 inhibitors do. You can learn more about Stendra, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra comparison. During the natural cycle of being excited, males usually attain an erection as a result of the launch of cGMPs, which broaden the penis. With ED, another material referred to as PDE5 blocks this natural circulation. Stendra counteracts this cGMP interruption with its PDE5 inhibiting components.


Stendra is available in 50mg, 100 mg, as well as 200mg does. The effectiveness of the dosage suggested is usually based upon your existing signs and symptoms and medical history. For your recommendation, the toughness of the dose is generally printed on the bundle as well as specific tablets. This is applicable to both brand as well as common acquisitions.

Splitting the Dose

Discover just how to take a smaller quantity of Stendra based on the results you experience. Some men that use Stendra frequently have actually reported taking a reduced dose without compromising the results. To scale if this is an alternative for you, split a 100mg pill in half as well as wait to see just how it functions. If there are no signs of ED after taking the 50mg dosage, then proceed utilizing this stamina.

Bumping Up the Dosage

If neither the 50mg nor 100mg dosage of Stendra works for you, you can increase the dosage to as much as 200mg. This is only suggested if you have actually not seen any kind of genuine benefits of the 50mg or 100mg prescription. Regardless of the stamina you take, these tablets ought to only be used as soon as within a 24-hour duration.

Missed out on Doses

Stendra is taken as needed whenever sexual activity is anticipated. Consequently, missing a pill one day will not create any damaging reactions.

Just How To Use Stendra

Dosages are taken by mouth, once per day, and with or without food. For finest results, professionals recommend tablet computers with a full glass of water. Keep in mind, one dose should just be taken within a 24 hour period.

Stendra Side Effects

Just a little percent of males that take Stendra experience unfavorable adverse effects. At least 2% of males report headaches, stuffy nose, back pain, and frustrations.


A few of the most common side effects of Stendra include:

  • arthralgia;
  • neck and back pain;
  • bronchitis;
  • flu-like signs;
  • hard stools;
  • hypertension loose defecation;
  • redness in the face and also neck;
  • sinusitis;
  • throat pain;
  • top respiratory system tract infection;
  • upset stomach.


Stendra, as well as Viagra side effects may cause a long term erection in unusual situations. If this takes place, seek advice from a clinical carrier right away. You need to likewise go to the Emergency Room if you experience an unexpected loss of vision or hearing. A few other unusual side effects of Stendra include discomfort when peing, a rapid heart beat, a tightening chest, or sudden swelling or weakness in the muscular tissues.

When It Involves Erections, The Length Of Time Is As well Long?

A tough as well as resilient erection is usually a dream for males who suffer from ED. If you have an erection lasting greater than 4 hours after taking Stendra, though, this may show a condition known as Priapism. Clinical intervention is typically needed and also the faster you look for aid, the far better.

Stendra Interactions

As with any kind of various other drug, there are safety measures to keep in mind when taking Stendra. Before use, evaluation exactly how Stendra creates damaging effects when combined with certain foods, alcohol, or medications below.

With Food

Stendra can be taken with almost all kinds of foods. Nevertheless, physicians advise preventing grapefruits or grapefruit juice when taking Stendra. This is due to grapefruit’s natural ability to reduced blood pressure.


It’s normally risk-free to take Stendra with approximately 3 portions of alcohol. If you have surpassed the three-drink restriction and take Stendra, there are dangers of impaired thinking, migraines, boosted cardio task, and also a drop in high blood pressure.

Other Medications

When taking any kind of type of PDE5 prevention, consisting of Stendra, it ought to not be integrated with specific medications. Nitrates used for treating heart disease are examples of damaging drug interactions with Stendra. Additionally, if you make use of a riociguat for hypertension, talk to your doctor prior to taking Stendra or any other PDE5 inhibitor.

Stendra With Other ED Medicines

There are no confirmed research studies to date of just how Stendra communicates with other ED medications. Consequently, it’s recommended that you just take Stendra alone to curb ED symptoms.

Stendra as well as Underlying Ailments

Generally, you can use Stendra without a prescription if you are typically healthy without any significant underlying problems. Research studies show that Stendra assists diabetic person guys who experience ED. If you have heart or liver disease, however, it’s finest to consult with a clinical carrier before making use of Stendra for ED.

Advantages of Stendra

Does Stendra actually work? Results vary from one man to one more, nonetheless, 75% of men who take this ED medicine have efficiently conquered a failure to obtain as well as keep an erection after being stimulated by their companion. With Stendra, you can take pleasure in a healthy sex life without worry of erectile dysfunction. Among the major advantages of Stendra is having the liberty to take it at a minute’s notice– roughly 15-30 minutes prior to sexual activity.

Stendra: An Easy Pill To Swallow

If you’re switched off by the suggestion of taking a tablet each time you need to make love, Stendra will not resolve this family pet peeve. Nonetheless, it’s a miniature-sized tablet contrasted to its competitors, measuring approximately the size of a rice grain.

Stendra’s Competitive Benefit

Stendra accumulates to its predecessors by working much faster than various other ED medications. Supposing you got on a routine ED tablet that needed an as soon as each day regime, suppose you forgot to take the tablet computer one day as well as sex was on the perspective? In this event, Stendra would certainly bring you comfort in less than 30 minutes.

A Side-By-Side Contrast of Stendra

If you’re not fairly sure which common ED medicine to buy, right here’s a quick snapshot of the four major competitors in the industry:

Drug Average Response Time How Long It Works
Cialis 15 – 45 Minutes 3 Days
Levitra 25 Minutes 5 Hours
Stendra 15 – 30 Minutes 6 Hours
Viagra 30 Minutes 5 Hours

Where to Get Stendra Pills Over the Counter?

Brick-and-mortar drug stores in the USA call for a prescription for Stendra There is an alternative, however. ViaBestBuy Online Drug Store is a hassle-free, personal, and also convenient means to order inexpensive male enhancement items such as Stendra from the convenience of house. Whether you order one sample or a wholesale box of Stendra, these normally show up discreetly without the drug label being printed on the plan. Merely unwrap as well as delight in hours of pleasure!

How To Order Stendra Discreetly Online?

Begin your search for on the internet drug stores that market Stendra over the counter as well as find out about drug stores reviews. To decrease risks, inspect to see if the drugs you are buying have actually been accepted by the FDA and what various other clients are stating concerning the on-line drug store you choose.

Where Is Common Stendra Made?

Numerous FDA authorized suppliers of Stendra outsource production to India and various other countries in order to lower the last prices. To guarantee top quality standards, strenuous examinations are carried out on a regular basis by these makers. The best suggestions would certainly be to order the lowest amount you can get, check it, and after that order more according to your needs.

How To Conserve When Buying Stendra

If you have actually currently attempted and also like Stendra as well as want to make it a part of your sex routine, consider acquiring an FDA approved generic. Generics have the exact same effectiveness as trademark name as well as are more economical. It ought to be kept in mind, nevertheless, that 50mg Stendra and also 200mg Stendra aren’t offered for generic orders right now.

Budgeting for Stendra

Another means to maintain even more of your hard-earned cash is to order in bulk, which provides you a reduced rate each in many cases. Case in point: (10) 100mg tablet computers cost $49, making it $4.90 each. On the other hand, (500) 100 mg expense $1,299, which breaks down to roughly $2.60 each. To conserve even more, browse the industry for companies that supply reward price cuts for feedback or return acquisitions.

How To Shop Stendra.

To maintain your investment in good shape, be sure to save Stendra at area temperature level. To protect the integrity of the item, avoid storing your acquisition in locations of excess warmth or cold. Make sure to check the expiration date on your packet prior to usage, and also as always, maintain all medications out of the reach of pet dogs and also kids.

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