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If your sex life is being ruined by the embarrassing problem of premature ejaculation, you may be hoping to solve the problem using Priligy or to name its active ingredient, Dapoxetine. Buy Dapoxetine online at the best price – from $1.19 per pill! Here are the facts you’ve been looking for.

Dapoxetine was originally intended to be an anti-depressant by pharmaceutical company Eli Lily. They later sold the rights to Johnson and Johnson who submitted an application for its approval as a treatment for premature ejaculation to the FDA in 2004. Despite extremely good results in medical trials and the fact that Dapoxetine has been widely used in Europe and Asia without any unpleasant incidents, the FDA has not yet approved this drug. In order to circumvent this, many Americans buy Dapoxetine online.


Priligy 60 mg pillsPremature ejaculation (PE) is described as a condition when a man ejaculates by receiving minor sexual excitement and before the time when he wants to do it.

This fact can cause problems which may lead to troubles in the sexual relationship between the partners. Generic Priligy 60 mg is created by medical researchers in India and distributed OTC (without a prescription) in the United States to save the male population from this delicate concern.




Priligy is developed as premature ejaculation treatment for adult men within the age interval from 18 to 65 years old. It can be used by patients who match the following factors:

  • intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT) is less than a couple of minutes;
  • persistent ejaculation with little sexual stimulation and prior the man wants it to happen;
  • poor control over ejaculation.

Priligy 60 mg is prescribed to patients to delay ejaculation. Its main active ingredient dapoxetine increases the time for ejaculation and improves the self-control over the ejaculation. As a result, a man’s frustration is reduced. By purchasing Priligy 60 mg 200 tablets there is no need to worry about fast ejaculation for countless nights.



Priligy 60 mg refers to the class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. This medicine acts by increasing the level of serotonin in the human brain, thus delaying the reactions of chemical elements that are responsible for ejaculation. In some cases, these tablets do not cure premature ejaculation completely, but still, Priligy helps to improve one’s sexual performance, men’s personal self-confidence.




Take tabletThe single dose of Priligy recommended by therapists to start with is 30 mg. Note that even in the most difficult cases the dosage cannot exceed 60 mg per one-time intake.

Unlike many other PE medicines with a similar mechanism of action, this one is not prescribed for daily continuous usage. Observe a break for at least 24 hours.

If men find 30 mg dose non-sufficient, they can take 60 mg from one to three hours before sexual intimacy. Anyway, this possibility has to be discussed with your doctor. Remember if you want to quickly improve your sex life, self-medication is not the best way. This can lead to irreversible consequences.

Swallow a pill whole not to taste a bitter flavor, with one glass of water. Discuss with your doctor the results after the first 4 weeks or after 6 doses to know if you should continue the treatment with Priligy.


It Safe for Me?


Priligy 60 mg is rather safe for a user with good health. It is not recommended taking Priligy along with any of the following drugs:

  • Tramadol − to treat serious pain;
  • Linezolid − to treat infections;
  • Tryptophan − to help you to sleep;
  • Nefazodone − to treat depressions;
  • Ketoconazole and Itraconazole – to treat fungal infection;
  • antibiotics to treat infection, including Telithromycin;
  • any medicines to treat migraines;
  • any medicines for HIV.

You can start taking Priligy 60 mg after 14 days when you stopped taking the above-listed tablets. If you quit to take Priligy, you need to wait a week before taking any of these drugs. Also, mind the following contraindications:

  • if you have hypersensitivity to the main drug ingredients;
  • if you suffer from any pathological cardiac conditions (ischemic heart disease, valvular disease, heart failure, syncope);
  • if you have severe depression or a history of mania.

If you are not sure about the possibility of Priligy treatment, talk to a pharmacist before buying this medicine.



Like any medicines, this medication can cause possible side effects, but not everybody gets them for sure. Stop the treatment and visit your doctor if the below listed side effects appear:


Very common side effects(may appear > than 1 to 10) Common side effects(may appear in 1 to 10 men) Uncommon side effects(may appear in 1 to 100 men) Rare side effects(may appear in 1 to 1,000 men)
headache feeling numb,shaking or trembling abnormal taste sudden onset of sleep
feeling dizzy feeling anxious, irritable or restless loss of sex drive feeling dizzy after exertion
feeling sick diarrhea, stomach pain feeling dizzy on standing, fainting the urgency of bowel action
changes in your mood sweating more than usual or flushing high or low blood pressure
ringing in the ears, nasal congestion,

blurred vision

feeling nervous or depressed
strange dreams or problems in sleeping slow or irregular heartbeat




Avoid alcoholPatients have to avoid alcohol intake when taking these tablets, because the effects of strong drinks such as feeling sleepy or having slow reactions, can be increased when taken together. This effect may also enhance the risk of injury from fainting.

The combination of alcohol with dapoxetine may enhance alcohol-related neurocognitive effects thus increasing neurocardiogenic adverse events such as somnolence or syncope.

But co-administration of a single dose of ethanol of 0.5 g (approximately 2 drinks) do not affect the pharmacokinetics of dapoxetine.

Priligy 60 mg can be taken with or without food. Dapoxetine is quickly absorbed with the highest concentration in blood occurring 1-2 hours after tablet intake. Consumption of a high-fat meal reduces absorption of dapoxetine and delays the time for peak concentration.



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