• Modafinil is currently available under several brand names, including Provigil, Alertec, Modalert, Modapro, Modafil, Modvigil and Modatec. Names vary by region and manufacturer. We sell Modalert 200 mg by Sun Pharma by default – it’s a generic version of Modafinil produced in India.

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    Generic versions of medications are simply the product without the branding and ad campaigns that drive up their cost. Millions of dollars go into the promotion and marketing of a new drug, and that expense is passed onto the consumer in the form of higher product prices. There may be some differences in appearance, tablet doses and sizes, and the inactive ingredients, but the same active medication component that is in the brand name is still in the generic version. The active medication is what makes the drug effective, not its packaging, TV commercials or its physical appearance.

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ModafinilIt’s the “think” drug that’s taking Wall Street and Silicon Valley by storm. It’s like the movie “Limitless” brought from science fiction to science fact but without the price to pay. It’s Modafinil, and you’ve been wondering if you should take the plunge and buy it online. You have many questions, and you’re looking for answers. We provide them.


The choice to buy Modafinil 200 mg online is a good one for people who suffer general performance anxiety, lack of energy, or loss of libido. All of these are common problems, for old and young men alike, but the opportunity to buy Modafinil 200 mg is a solution that has only become common in recent years. Now that it is widely available, there is no reason not to take advantage of its rejuvenating properties, and its ability to add an extra bit of energy into anyone’s love life.


What Is Modafinil?


Modafinil is a wakefulness drug that’s given to people with sleep disorders that cause them to drift off when they need to be firing on all cylinders. Then people began to discover that it’s more than just a drug that keeps you awake. It sharpens concentration, keeps your brain sparking with bright ideas, and it allows people to work non-stop without losing any of the added mental acuity.


How Modafinil Works


IntellectModafinil affects your brain chemistry, boosting dopamine levels. Dopamine makes you feel good, keeps you alert, and helps you to think more clearly. That’s the simple answer, anyway. In truth, Modafinil initiates a chain reaction of chemical processes and works on more than just dopamine.


Scientists remain rather unsure of why it has the intelligence enhancing effect that has been proven in various studies and numerous informal trials. They know it works, but they aren’t altogether sure why it does so.



Read more HERE


How to Take It


Although most people would sacrifice an arm or a leg to be at peak mental performance, Modafinil isn’t that scary. All you have to do is take a tablet. This said, there are a few things to keep in mind.


  1. Take Modafinil at the start of your day to ensure it doesn’t interfere with natural sleep.
  2. If you do use Modafinil to stay awake at night, plan time to catch up the sleep debt.
  3. Take regular breaks from using Modafinil. Although there is no concrete evidence of tolerance and addiction, both are possible.
  4. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  5. Self-monitor for side effects.


Recommended Dosage


Recommended DosageWhen you begin using Modafinil, consider coming in way below the recommended dosage of 200 mg. That’s because the optimal dose differs from person to person. Taking more than your ideal dose won’t make you perform any better, and the higher the dose you take, the greater the chance of experiencing side effects.


To begin with, try using a 50 mg dose taken in the morning. If you feel your focus slipping later in the day or don’t feel any effect at all, it’s time to try a 100 mg dose. Again, use it in the morning and see how the day progresses. You will want to compare this effect with that of the 200 mg dose to settle on the one that is right for you.


The maximum dose used is 400 mg, but in trials, subjects did not experience any cognitive improvement between a 200 mg dose and a 400 mg dose, and the long-term effects of use at this dose are unknown.


Side Effects


Researchers conducted extensive pharmaceutical trials to determine the side effects of Modafinil. In the following table, you will see the incidence of Modafinil side effects as compared to a placebo. Since a placebo is an inert substance, it will give you a better perspective on the side effects of Modafinil when you compare the two.


Side Effect Modafinil Placebo
Headache 34% 23%
Nausea 11% 3%
Anxiety or nervousness 7% 6%
Stuffy nose 7% 6%
Backache 6% 5%
Diarrhea 6% 5%
Dizziness 5% 4%
Heartburn 5% 4%
Insomnia 5% 1%
Appetite loss 4% 1%
Sore throat 4% 2%
Chest pains 3% 1%
Elevated blood pressure 3% 1%
Liver abnormalities 2% 1%
Depression 2% 1%


Of these, only pains in the chest would be sufficiently worrying to cause you to see a doctor. However, in a tiny percentage of cases, Modafinil has produced a violent allergic reaction characterized by a severe skin rash.


Please note that this list only includes the commonest side effects, if at any point you are concerned that Modafinil is provoking a potentially dangerous reaction, see your doctor without delay.




520 different drugs react with Modafinil. Of these 57 drug interactions are regarded as having potentially serious consequences. When investigating interactions, remember to look at the name of the active ingredient rather than the brand name. To be on the safe side, it would be wisest not to use Modafinil in conjunction with other drugs.



Precautions and Warnings


Modafinil is a very safe drug. However, you should monitor yourself for side effects. There are certain health issues that may make Modafinil unsuitable for you. These include:


  • clinical depression;
  • other psychiatric disorders;
  • high blood pressure;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • liver disease and impairment;
  • Kidney disease and impairment.


You will also need to take good care of yourself. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep to maintain physical health. The absence of feelings of fatigue does not mean that you can get away without sleep for days on end. Also, be sure that you are eating well enough and often enough. Modafinil can affect your appetite, but your body still needs adequate nutrition.


Reviews and Ratings


Although most people are quite reticent about the medications they use, there is no shortage of passionate supporters of Modafinil.


Swotting for my finals and just want to tell other students to skip the stimulants. Modafinil is way better and doesn’t leave you feeling jittery or high. Ed


I never used Modafinil before, but I had one heck of a data analysis job on my plate – and the boss wanted it fast. I impressed by delivering ahead of schedule with findings even I can’t believe I came up with. Jared


I’m not going to say it made a huge difference to my smarts, but I enjoyed my work more and kept going for longer, so I guess it’s good stuff. Patricia



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Ordering Modafinil at Online Pharmacy


There’s just one problem for those eager to tap into the mind enhancing powers of Modafinil. It’s a prescription drug. But you can get the equivalent of over the counter (OTC) tablets from an online pharmacy. The transaction is easy. You can use PayPal, Bitcoinor your credit card to buy your pills – and you’ll get a far better price. You get overnight delivery, and your tabs arrive. It’s that simple.


Modafinil 200 mg


You can buy Modafinil 200 mg tabs on Modafinil online pharmacy for the lowest prices around. Generic drugs that work around complex patent laws, allow buyers to get the same powerful medication they need, at prices that stack up to a mere fraction of their competitors’. If you weren’t sure you wanted to buy Modafinil 200 mg online to begin with, maybe these low prices, fast and secure shipping, and easy checkout systems will be enough to change your mind. After all, it is only the most recent advancement in a long line of pharmaceutical sex aids created for couples to enjoy. Staying on the cutting edge of medicine will not only feel great but also doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.


How to Get Legal and Real Modafinil?


Online PharmacyThis information wouldn’t be complete without addressing authenticity and legality. Modafinil is legal. It’s not a drug that will make you get high. It’s medicine. Admittedly, it is a controlled substance in countries like the USA and NZ which means you need a prescription, but nobody’s going to arrest you for your pills.


You will be wondering how to get a safe source. After all, one reads a lot about fake or expired medication being sold online without prescription. When you purchase from our pharmacy, ordering with confidence will soon become second-nature.


The Modafinil we offer for sale may be remarkably cheap, but that’s because we’re passing on the cost reduction we get from our manufacturer of generic drugs in India. This discount price per pill nevertheless gets you the best RX products fast. How much is that? Visit our shop, and you’ll soon see there’s no better store from which to order Modafinil.


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